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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, she's been missing for months, but tonight a possible break in the case. heyward police say they're close to make an arrest in the disappearance of michelle le. they could learn their fate at any moment now. two uc berkeley students being detained in iraq could be free soon? rescue crew say two hikers wanted the ultimate photo opportunity near stinson beach,
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they wound up dangerously close to the edge and it almost cost them their lives. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is live in marin tonight for us. >> reporter: one person is in critical condition, the other had a nonlife threatening injuries. the fall happened about a mile south of stinson beach. a group of people stopped on a scenic outlook this evening. this was about 7:00, a man and woman were out posing for a picture on the rock when the two fell over the edge. the fall was about 150 to 200 feet down. witnesses immediately sprung into action calling to see if they could help those victims, asking people to move their cars out of the way to make room for medical personnel. >> the lady was reresponsiblive the entire time, trying to stand up. the guy was down and just moaning when i got down there.
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he wasn't responding to any of my questions, and there was also a language barrier. >> reporter: multiple agencies responded and they did a long line rescue. when rescue dangles on rope and helps a man to safety. a man was transported to the medical center. the woman was taken by ambulanc: marin general with nonlife threatening injuries. the stinson beach fire chief says while the views are beautiful and picturesque, people need to use extreme caution when getting close to the edge when lying or sitting on those rocks.cc1: live in mill valley kimberly terry nbc bay area news. >> do you know whether -- did the rock, or was it a situation, on the edge, the beach area gives way? >> you know, witnesses say they were sitting on the rocks, they
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were laughing, it seemed is to be a couple, the woman was sitting on the man's lap, they were laying down and sitting laughing as ofcc1: they were getting ready to take this picture. really who knows if the rouk et gave way or with the wind they tumbled over and it was an accident. i guess we'll see as more comes out about this. >> a good warning to be very careful there along the edge. hazmat crews in napa county are cleaning up after a chemical spill at a water treatment plant in st. helena. a large cylinder ruptured late this afternoon, spilling sodium hypochloride, a strong version of bleach. 11,000 gallons of the chemical spilled. there were no injuries, no evacuations of homes in the area, and say there is no threat to any water supply there. we have new developments in a missing person's case tonight as well. nursing student michelle le has been missing for two months now,
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investigators in the east bay say they may be announcing the arrest of a suspect in this case. kimberly terry has the latest on that as well. >> reporter: it's been two months since michelle le was last seen at kaiser medical center where she was doing clinical rotations as a nursing student. >> what a vibrant beautiful young lady. i can't believe this. >> reporter: police have remained tight lipped about the investigation. they're still conducting interviews, processing evidence but they are zeroing in on a suspect. the news is bittersweet, they are holding on to hope until they hear something definitive and say they will continue their search for le. >> i'm still hopeful, i still want my sister home. i don't even entertain the thought that she's dead. >> reporter: a car was was held in heyward with all of the proceeds going toward the
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continued search. >> i have been watching the news all the time, this is one of the cases that i feel very touched. >> i got my fingers crossed. her. praying forcc1: >> the community has rallied around the family, many people we talked to say they're hoping police make an arrest soon. >> justice needs to be brought on this person. i hope that it eventually comes out and they can start the healing process. we're out here to support the family. >> there's a $100,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of a suspect in this case, if you know anything that could help, please call heyward police. it's a little after 10:30 in the morning in iran, and form per uc berkeley students are scheduled to go on trial on charges of spying right now. and there is word the two may be freed. iranian authorities arrested the two men and sarah shourd two years ago this weekend. showered was later released for medical reasons and the two men have been waiting for a trial
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ever since. there have been indications from the two men's lawyer that they may be found guilty at the trial today, but then sentenced to time served and released. despite home in the past, sarah shourd says she's very hopeful this time around. >> well, the public prosecutor has made a statement saying a final decision would be made and that they're very hopeful that will happen. shane and josh have been waiting for a trial for 22 months was the first time we were told by our investigators we were going to trial. we've been waiting a long time for this, and we hope it's the end. >> one thing that may be in their favor is iran has a tradition of pardoning prisoners for the holy month of ramadan which starts on monday. a magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit northeastern japan today, at about 4:00 sunday morning in japan. no tsunami warning was issued this time. there have been no reports of damage and we're told no further
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damage to the fukushima nuclear power plant. that plant was crippled by the hit quake and tsunami thatcc1: japan just four months ago. and, of course, 23,000 people died in those twin disasters in march. it's three days and counting as the deadline is looming. the senate delayed a vote on a democratic plan until 1:00 p.m. eastern time tomorrow afternoon. earlier today, republicans in the house voted down senate majority leader harry reid's debt ceiling plan. some believe it was political pay back for the rejection of john boehner's plan yesterday. lawmakers from both parties are very skeptical tonight. >> the only way we're going to before1: tuesday is to have an agreement with the president of the united states. >> here we are on the brink of economic disaster and we're wasting time with symbolic worst. al theater at its cc1: >> congress has until tuesday to come to an agreement on the debt
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ceiling. the treasury says it will run out of money to pay the nation's bills. if the talks in washington fail, u.s. troops overseas will still have to fight but they may not get paid. that's what mike mullen told army soldiers and marines in afghanistan today. now in the middle of a war zone, just like many americans back home, the service members are worried about their jobs and what is going on with their government. >> there are plenty of you in a are living paycheck to paycheck. so if paychecks were to stop, it could have a devastating impact and a devastating impact pretty quickly. >> the only way federal employees can get paid is through defense contractors or medicare providers, that means the u.s. would have to pay penalties and interest on the late bills which would drive up the deficit even more. coming up next at 11:00 -- down but not out, a bay area woman isn't letting anything
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stand in her way of a dream. her story comes with a call for help from police in the east bay tonight. and it could have been catastrophic. remarkably, everyone survived this plane crash. tonight hear what passengers say was happening when the plane was folding in half. turn left.
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police in the east bay are searching for a hit and run driver who left a young woman paralyzed two weeks ago. that woman has a message for the driver and a reminder for the rest of us. she shared her story with jodi hernandez. >> all of a sudden i get halfway into the cross whack, and i see a car approaching me. >> reporter: amanda barnes remembers in vivid detail the emeriville hit and run incident that changed her world forever. >> he sped up and drove right over me and just kept on going and left me out there on the cement. >> reporter: the impact left barnes with broken ribs a lacerated river and a severed spine. >> judging by my injuries, they told me i was most likely going to be permanently paralyzed from the west down. i remember, i was just like, oh,
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my god, i'm not going to walk again. >> reporter: but barnes isn't dwelling on that. instead the talented artist is focusing on the love of her family and the love she has for her craft. >> i'm blessed that i'm still me and i still have my head and my hands, i can still paint and draw and do everything that -- do the thing that i was the most passionate about ever since i was a little girl, i told myself i was going to be a famous artist. i'm pretty sure one day i will be. >> reporter: that attitude has touched emeriville police, they set up collection boxes for her recovery. though leads have run dry, they're determined to find the driver. >> she's inspiring. so everybody is trying to jump in and help her in some way because she is so positive. >> i think that if you use the power of your mind and keep 1:it, e and just visualizecc
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visualize myself walking and i know that one day i will. >> reporter: though she's still hopeful she can beat the odds, she has plenty right now to keep smiling about. >> if i don't come out of it, life in a o livecc1: i'm going to dcc1: make the best of it, and i'm still going to be successful. >> reporter: in the east bay, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> again, police are urging anyone with information about this case to call the emeriville police department, the car by the way is described as a dark colored suv with a male driver. and we'll be back in a moment with a change in the forecast. c: :
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the search for a so-called giant baby will come to an end on monday. so far almost 300 moms to be have entered the world champion baby search. csn is looking to the baby born close to nine months after the giants won the world series. the family that has the winning baby will get an official
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certificate for the giants. moms to be have until tomorrow to enter the contest. you can enter at despite losing game one against the reds, the giants had to like their chances in game two. after all, the g-men came into this one having won nine of their last ten game twos. if that wasn't enough, bruce bochy was sikking madison baumgartner on the reds. this was not his day. it's not like the reds were tattooing the ball. in all, he gives up seven runs, five of them in that disastrous first inning. he walked three batters. the giants couldn't recover as they dropped the big game and the series with their loss. after the game the giants announced they had traded for
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36-year-old orlando ka prayer ya, he's been to the postseason four times with four different teams, winning a world series in '04 with the red sox. bochy plans to use him as the every day shortstop. to the east bay, a's taking on the twins. the a's tied a franchise record tonight for the 15th game in a row. weeks scored pennington. bottom five, he's got signs, bases loaded double down the left field line. a's get 12 hits and win 8-3. most football teams ease into practice with some passing drills while the lineman applies so old love taps to that blocking sletd. how did hue jackson's raiders start their first full pad practice of the year? with the hard hitting oklahoma drill. >> it was the raiders first day of practice in full pads and it certainly lived up to the hype
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as the team engaged in a hard hitting workout modelled after hue jackson. >> that's the name of the game, you know, we're going to be a team that's building a bully, i can't all of a sudden walk out there on sunday, monday, thursday and say we are, we have to learn how to become one. i think our guys understand this, it's a contact sport. we have to line up and run into each other. >> i think guys finished up great for the first day back in pads. >> reporter: the team made some moves off the field as they picked up trent edwards and resigned khalik barnes. at this time they will not be signing jared gaither due to health issues. that's sports, back to you. >> thanks, john henry. we're checking in with nick o'kelly right now, what a lovely day we've had today. >> it was gorgeous. >> yeah, temperatures still a little cooler than average, we can't complain.
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>> right in that perfect range. maybe you could complain if you're along the san mateo county coast today where you didn't see sun at all, it was chilly, with the strong sea breeze. temperatures running about 10 degrees below the average, normally in concord you get to 87 this time of year, 77 today, 73 in santa rosa, and it really took a long time clearing out. think1: is going to be warmer, that is only part of the forecast story. i want to show you the satellite and radar picture. lighting up here across the southern see area rah, throughout the afternoon, dying off here in the last couple hours from lake tahoe into mammoth lakes. we've had flash flood watches, these are strong thunderstorms with heavy rainfall. it's the monsoon, and there is a slight chance we'll see a couple thundershowers pop up around the east bay tomorrow. but it's a very, very small chance. other weather headlines for you, low clouds filling in along the
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coast. you may have noticed a little more humidity in the air today. that was the monsoon moisture, coming up from the desert southwest, traveling right up in front of this upper level low pressure system. this isn't very strong. but as this moves on shore, could interact with that monsoon moisture, most likely, central valley, east bay hills, south of livermore tomorrow, isolated thundershower chance. it's a very small chance though. overnight lows will be relatively mild. you may notice it's a touch muggy out there, mainly in the 50s to about 60 degrees, tomorrow i'm thinking we're going to warm things up, about 3 to 5 degrees, putting you up near 90 in gilroy for the last day of the garlic festival. low 0s san jose, 79 in freemont. strong afternoon sea breeze pushing through the gaps. san francisco the marathon tomorrow morning, temperatures right around 0 degrees, good running weather.
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85 pittsburgh, 86 in concord 63 in bodega bay. as this system moves on shore, i think we're going to mix up that marine layer a little bit. temperatures warm a few degrees tomorrow, we'll cool down a little bit toward the middle of this week. overall, i'd say steady as she goes. temps running a few degrees below average, very very pleasant day indeed. >> compared to the rest of the country -- take a look at these pictures, everyone survived this plane crash. we'll show you how coming up. turn left. cc:
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technology to learn and play on-the-go. only at verizon. buy one droid 3 by motorola, the thinnest full qwerty smartphone ever for $199.99, and get another one free. an incredible story is emerging tonight from guyana. a commercial flight crashed and split in half. remarkably no one was killed and there were no serious injuries :
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either. jeff rossen has the story. > reporter: as paramedicscc1: arrived, the jet ripped in two off the runway. it looked like another airline tragedy. >> this is one of the worst mishaps in recorded memory in guyana. >> reporter: soon passengers would emerge, all of them, alive. jump out the c1: plane. my shoulder here is messed up. >> reporter: after departing new york, the caribbean airlines flight stopped in trinidad and then flew on to guyana. the boeing 737 touched down in heavy rain and exited off the 200 feet short cc1: of a ravine. thinking it was over passengers clapped, that's when the plane broke in half. >> i told my friend, man, we gonna die, the plane don't have enough runway to stop. >> it happened suddenly, everyone was hysterical. >> there were 13 people on
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board, dozens were injured. most of them have already been released from the hospital. >> it's amazing to leave an aircraft in that shape with a handful of very small injuries. >> while it's rare, planes have broken apart before with no deaths. two years ago, this american airlines 737 slammed into the runway in jamaica, finally coming to a halt and breaking apart. all 154 people aboard survived. >> the seats have been increased in strength so they will with stand 16 times the force of gravity before they depart the floor. >> this weekend the ntsb is sending a team to the crash site in guyana, looking not only at what went wrong, but what went right. jeff rossen, nbc news, new york. >> those are incredible pictures to think everyone got to walk away from that, and there were only a few serious injuries and
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all those are expected to recover. >> absolutely amazing. thanks for joining us. we have "saturday night live" coming up next.
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next on c-span, president obama was in las vegas, nevada, last night where he addressed an election rally for senate majority leader harry reid.


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